Quick Quote Helpful Hints!

BY Meagan Ouellette | June 27, 2019

Do you have an account that is hard to place in the standard market?  We can help!

Email your Quote Request to quickquoteteam@angusmiller.nb.ca or call 1-800-222-9646

Helpful Hints to Ensure Quick Quote Turnaround Time!

  • Make sure your application is fully completed
  • Attach a photo of the risk
  • If there has been a lapse in coverage, provide an explanation
  • Provide Previous insurance information


If you have a risk that meets the Quick Quote Underwriting requirements, be sure to give us a try! Send the application to quickquoteteam@angusmiller.nb.ca!  We would be happy to give you a same day quote!


Quick Contact

RECEPTION : 1-506-633-7000
UNDERWRITING : 1-800-222-9646
CLAIMS : 1-800-222-9718
EMAIL : info@angusmiller.nb.ca