BY admin | Nove 5, 2018

All of us at Angus-Miller would like to thank you, our broker partners for all your support and patience during our change over to the new Economical Vyne System.

The following are some helpful workflow tips and changes that may help make your day easier.

  • We all know there is a lengthy wait time when calling CAC, remember for the following you can call Angus-Miller directly and we will be more than happy to help.
    • A) Change of banking information.
    • B) Change of payment date.
    • C) Change of payment type up to 21 days prior to renewal effective date.
  • If you must call CAC, we strongly recommend you try calling first thing in the morning. This way only Atlantic Canada is signed on so lower number of phone calls for their office.
  • Reminder if the first payment is not paid by the effective date of the policy, a registered letter is automatically sent to your insured.
    • Remember to let your insured know they can make their payment online at
  • Individually Rated Commercial Auto (IRCA) – Effective immediately

Quick Contact

RECEPTION : 1-506-633-7000
UNDERWRITING : 1-800-222-9646
CLAIMS : 1-800-222-9718