You Will be Able to Pay a New Way!

BY Meagan Ouellette | Apri 7, 2017

We have a new partnership to better serve you, our brokers!

To help us better serve you, we have partnered with IFS, a Maritime company with a long history of offering great premium financing solutions. This payment arrangement will provide an improved online version of Angus-Miller’s in-house premium financing that can be accessed through a link on this website, under the Payment Plan tab.

What you need to know:

  • Same Financing Rates As We Currently Offer!
  • Contract may be completed electronically, and all documents are protected immediately.
  • 24/7 online access to view your clients’ payment details.
  • New Brunswick clients can choose their payment date.
  • Multiple policies for a client can be put on 1 contract.
  • Monthly bank withdrawals with 2 payments down and 10 equal payments.
  • Existing Angus-Miller payment plan renewals will be transferred automatically.
  • If you currently use IFS, you will receive the same compensation that you are now receiving, with the added bonus of receiving compensation on your Angus-Miller policies.
  • If you are new to IFS, as an added bonus, you will benefit be receiving compensation on the Angus-Miller policies you finance, with no minimum premium requirement.

Applicable Policies:

  • All Annual Specialty Lines Policies
  • Economical Commercial Property and Liability Policies
  • Economical Garage Policies
  • Economical Automobile Fleets

Who do you contact?

We at Angus-Miller are here to guide you through the transition process and help you better understand how to serve your clients through taking advantage of this financing solution. Also, IFS has a very experienced team of CSRs in Dartmouth who are available to you and your clients for your payment specific inquiries.

Please contact Meagan Ouellette with any questions you may have about this change.
Direct Line: 506-633-2156

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