You want FASTER Quotes? We have something for you!

BY Meagan Ouellette | Janu 18, 2018

We are excited to introduce you to our new Quick Quote Team for simple residential business written with Lloyds of London!

Do you have an account that is hard to place in the standard market due to claims or risk deficiencies? If so, our team can help you! Email your Quick Quote resuest to or call 1-800-222-9646 and ask for Ellen, Joy, or Brittany Leblanc.


Provide fast and efficient turnaround time on simple residential quote requests through a dedicated team of underwriters.

Qualifying Risks

  • Single Family Owner Occupied
  • Rented Dwelling (3 units or less)
  • Seasonal Dwelling
  • Vacant Dwellings
    • Residential Occupancies


  • A team dedicated to quoting these accounts
  • Professional quotation document emailed to you
  • Payment Plan options included with quote
  • Condensed, practical questionnaire to allow you to gather only key information

Team Members

Quick Contact

RECEPTION : 1-506-633-7000
UNDERWRITING : 1-800-222-9646
CLAIMS : 1-800-222-9718